SODAPOP is a collaborative creative agency.

We are focused in delivering high-end creativity, through a network of highly competent creative sources. Our aim is to provide clients with a creative resource that 'plugs in' to their marketing departments or their brand - providing them access to out-the-box, through-the-line creative support.

Our services are open to all, but we have targeted companies who wish to avoid the overheads usually associated with large agencies and design companies. Our customers include smaller design agencies, public relations companies and marketing consultancies.

Still in its developmental phase, our collaboration also comprises an association with a social development organization, JumpStart. We are about to implement a revised business model based on the principles developed by this organization. See the 'Thinking it Forward' section.

Key to this collaborative approach, is insisting that the client be directly involved in the creative process  - a key contributor from start to finish on a project. Time is money, and fast resolution of concept keeps project costs low and delivery time down to deadline.



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