This credo is 'borrowed' from JumpStart.org.za, a collaborative partner of SODAPOP and forms the basis of our intended Social Responsibility activity.

By following the same (successful) Mentorship/Employment strategy developed by Steven Mahony of TSC Technologies in the IT sector, our desire to contribute to the upliftment of young South Africans is being fulfilled.

We select young people who show talent and creative potential, and transfer our skills - all the while providing an employment and training opportunity that benefits the Client, SODAPOP and most of all, the Individual involved. These 'beneficiaries' are also signatories to the JumpStart Programme - which provides monitoring and feedback to our clients on the progress of the individual. It also drives the beneficiary to 'reinvest' their learned skills to others coming through the JumpStart Programme into the Creative Industry.

For this to succeed, we need our clients, new and old, to join us in a leap of faith.





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